Michael Hutchinson

Here is a simple question. How far can you ride a bicycle in one hour? No assistance, no pace-makers. A rider alone on a track, with only the time elapsed and the distance covered to occupy his mind. The very purest of physical efforts. This is the World Hour Record, and it took over my life.

"In this warm, gently wise book, Hutchinson tells of his attempt at the Hour, the history of the record, and the men who have claimed it. Whether he added his name to that illustrious list is unimportant, because, as with all great quest stories, this is not about the destination, but the journey," (Angus Batey, The Times)

"Hutchinson proves as good a writer as he is rider (praise indeed) - congenial, funny and insightful... A very fine way indeed to spend an hour, any hour." (Matt Seaton, Guardian)

"Has the rare quality in any sports-writing of propelling the reader into the intensity of the sporting moment itself." (David Horspool, Times Literary Supplement)

"Constantly absorbing, very funny... Michael Hutchinson pulls off a real blinder." (Daily Telegraph)