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National 10-mile Champs

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

I’m never really sure quite what to say about a time trial result. Win or lose, the result sheet contains pretty much the whole story. Ruling out mechanicals, accidents and freak weather conditions (which we only accept if certified as such by the Met Office), whatever it says on the sheet is what happened, no more, no less. It is the whole joy of an otherwise dry discipline. TTers are especially fond of making excuses, the more outlandish the better, and it’s because we know that ultimately they don’t count.

What the sheet says is that I got 41 seconds put into me in 10 miles by Brad Wiggins. Which seems like quite a lot to me. Certainly it’s more than I’d have liked, but then again, I’ve never taken a defeat yet that made me wish I’d been beaten by more. But given Brad’s power output for the ride, I should probably be grateful it wasn’t worse. He brought the computer off his bike to the prize-giving for a bit of show-and-tell. I’d never seen a number that big on the ‘average’ display. I was hoping it was a sticker on the screen that would peel off. It wasn’t. It said 476w. Or maybe 478w. I couldn’t see properly because my eyes were filling with tears of jealous rage.

His presence at the National 10 was a bit of a surprise in the first place – he’s done the British TT champs in September a couple of times, but not normally the fixed distance champs in spring. They normally get left to domestic toilers like me. It was a pity, given the presence of a proper star, that the event itself felt a bit flat. The ferociously busy course on the A19 dual carriageway wasn’t exactly spectator friendly (it scared the willies out of some of the riders too), and the lack of a proper HQ was a little frustrating.

It all felt a bit more grassroots that it really needed to. Though to give Brad credit, I think that was what he liked about it. He said it reminded him of being a junior, and I think most of us appreciate anything that makes us feel young again.